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French Roast, 1 Pound


100% Arabica Dark Roast

Experience the bold intensity and robust character of our French Roast, from 100% Arabica beans sourced from the lush highlands of Central and South America. With a rich, smoky flavor profile that embodies the epitome of dark roasting, this coffee is a treat for those who crave a strong, full-bodied cup with notes of sweetness.

Grown and harvested with care, the Rainforest Alliance (RFA) Certified beans ensure that every sip is not only delicious but also ethically responsible. By supporting this coffee, you're helping to fight deforestation, combat climate change, and empower rural communities with better economic opportunities and working conditions.

Ideal for brewing a strong, invigorating cup or crafting specialty espresso drinks, our French Roast is your perfect companion for mornings that demand bold flavor and afternoons that call for a refined pick-me-up. Sip confidently, knowing that your love for good coffee supports sustainable practices and enriches lives.

Product Details:
- Type: Dark Roast
- Beans: 100% Arabica
- Origin: Central and South America
- Weight: 1 pound